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The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) LTBX

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The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) LTBX

Published 2004

I saw this at the Ranchmart West theatre in Kansas City in 1972 with my wife and another couple. It sounds silly now but when we left the movie house all four of us were creeped out and avoided the dark for a few days.
This print is in the original 2:35.1 LTBX format as seen in most theatres, not a cropped full screen print. I have also uploaded the original theatrical trailer and television spot. It took years of scrounging to finally get my hands on a theatrical print so fans could experience it. I compressed the video file enough to deter some weinee from sticking it on a DVD-R and selling it on eBay but left the quality high enough to be worth watching. Being public domain I could have hired a company to put it and my menus on a DVD and put all those crappy full screen DVD releases in the tank but I want as many people as possible to see and enjoy it. For full effect flip off the lights and watch it alone or better yet, the next time you go camping stick it into a portable device and watch it next to the campfire out in some lonely patch of woods. I did and wound up perched about 15 feet up in an old juniper tree until dawn broke.

"Everyone is a file critic here I guess, one is shamelessly promoting his perfect 35mm and personal relationship with the maker by boinking this one. Probably just ticked because this one turned up at all, knowing that a number of downloaders will be satisfied to just watch this one after getting hosed on the previous DVD releases. If I had the goods to provide a "pristine" release I would be reluctant because of the rippers and copyers waiting to do there thing without fear of retribution. As for this being related to ('o friend.

Who cares that there is a flaw at this or that frame number and did I mention that it was compressed to deter money grubbers? The fact is that it could have been processed to an exact 2:35.1 to satisfy the nit-pickers taking measurements and even the elitist's wouldn't notice the difference unless they had that "pristine" print to compare it to.

It's just a movie people, not a masterpiece, it never was. I was just happy to make something I have that few people had available for free."

Run time 86 minutes 19 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: panoramicgreen - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 28, 2015
Subject: Check out a similar effort
I'm actually a big fan of Spooky #1's work here. I'm still left wondering what source he used - it does have slightly different framing compared to the Education 2000 release - possibly it's from the Neon Video VHS? I've made a similar effort using the Education 2000 release and synced up the audio from a full-screen release. I have made different choices regarding the color, brightness, and digital noise reduction. Give it a view here and if you have a film print, please contact me on my youtube page.
Reviewer: hudgeliberal - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 13, 2013
Subject: Ignore the negative reviews!
Hey,people spend their free time to upload a vid,strictly for the benefit of others. It may not be 1080 hd but this was a 72 film and this version,VHS or not,is much better than most out there on Youtube etc. Thanks for the upload and to all who spend time to help others,thats what makes the internet worth the time we spend. If not for these people we would have no free entertainment. THANKS! I love this film and though I have it and have seen it many times,I watch whenever I come across it. It takes me back to when I was a youngster and the lifelong fascination with sasquatch type creatures. I actually had a brief sighting back in 1990 that changed my life,I no longer was a "believer" but now knew for sure that these creatures exist. If you havent watched this film and you are a fan of sasquatch,70s,cult films etc. then this is a must see. Give it a chance!
Reviewer: MrStephenPike - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 7, 2013
Subject: Never seen it
I've never seen this film, though I have heard plenty about it and look forward to watching... However, i couldn't help but read both the uploaders comments and the "reviews" (if that is what passes for reviews.)
I just wanted to add my two cents. This version was obviously taken from a VHS copy. I know my VHS and there are tell-tale signs, even within the first few minutes )all i have watched) that prove it to be so.
Now, I'm not taking anything away from the quality as it seems far superior to anything else on the I.A. but I am a bit put off with the arguing and = what seems like - deception as to the origins of this copy.
I do thank the uploader for giving us a fairly watchable version (as I said, better than anything on I.A.) But perhaps stick to the work itself and it's merits rather than a novella about your life with the work. I'm sure Im not the only one who could care less about all that. All i want to know are the details of the film itself. As far as quality, a simple A:/V: is fine. (Works for the pirates)
Reviewer: Rennogsd1996 - - November 16, 2012
Subject: complaints
maybe it's because I as raised in a different era but wow...people complaining because of something free. in my youth, we said thank you and appreciated what was given to us.

I had never heard of this movie but am eagerly going to watch it tonight and I have a feeling I will be keeping my lights on tonight as well in the bedroom LOL. I don't find that silly at all.

will update later with my opinion of the movie but thank you to the poster.
Reviewer: SPOOKY #1 - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 15, 2012
Subject: Charles B. Pierce Speaks.........
If I had a clean, crisp 35mm about to be put to DVD though I would have waited until it was days away from release before coming here and dogging this file.
Talk is easy and cheap until we see yours and you are preaching to the choir here, the fans know the one I have is the best to date. I believe one star is a little harsh but not unexpected from someone promoting the future sales of something....if it ever happens. You are only partly right about how this print was assembled which shall remain a mystery.........what's life without adventure, right? If you notice the size of this download file it's obvious you aren't seeing the same quality that I am seeing on my TV, I did this to deter bottom feeding profit mongers sticking it on a DVD-R and unloading it at someone is doing now.....go take a look.
Come on (July 10)Why don't you stop your shameless promoting of your one and only 35mm print here and crying about this one. Prepare yourself because if you do release your pristine public domain effort, rippers and sharers will be.....well....ripping and sharing.
Reviewer: Michael Logan - favoritefavorite - August 15, 2012
Subject: Worth a look
While this video is a bit too compressed to be enjoyable except as a smallish window on one's monitor, I do have to take issue with Mr. Vail's description as "not even close to the 2.33:1 aspect ratio of the original." This posted version is just over 2.09:1. So yeah, not exactly 2.33:1, but hardly 16x9. I have the Cheezy Flicks cropped fullscreen DVD, and this posted version clearly has additional information on each side, rather than being a cropped fullscreen image.

That being said, this version is indeed from a VHS transfer--some damage rolls down the screen at 0:55:34 that anyone with a VCR would recognize. Theatrical print? Um, no.

In any case, if either of these posters (or anyone else, for that matter) really does have a good 35mm print, PLEASE consider making them available in some high-quality format. How long must we put up with sub-par versions when decent elements exist??
Reviewer: Danny Vail - favorite - July 10, 2012
Subject: Not a complete widescreen presentation.
I really hate to be the wet blanket here, but this is not a complete widescreen presentation. This version has been cobbled together from several sources. The credits are from the Henstooth DVD of several years ago (the only anamorphic part of that DVD), and the body of the film is culled from the still-available Education 2000 DVD (, which is anamorphic (dreadful quality, cropped 16x9, 16mm to video) from start to finish. The actual dimensions of this presentation are not even close to the 2.33:1 aspect ratio of the original negative. And, yes, the film was shot in 35mm (Techniscope) widescreen. Not full-frame. I knew Charlie Pierce personally and am probably the only person who has a pristine 35mm print. I am also producing the remake. Just so that we have our facts straight.
Reviewer: derkman96 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 5, 2011
Subject: YES!!
Finally! I uploaded that last one that was a crummy pan/scan dvd rip... It was only a slight upgrade if it was an upgrade at all to the vhs rip from hbo we had earlier. Now we have an OAR copy. awesome!!! Thanks so much.
Reviewer: farbertwo - - September 5, 2011
Subject: I saw this
I the theater when it came out, real cheesy, but we liked it anyway.thanks.
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